Cocktails inspirés de ma vie quotidienne

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    MAD MEN season 7

    The awaiting is finally over for MAD MEN.  Season 7 begins tonight!   La longue attente est enfin terminée.  MAD MEN est de retour ce soir, pour sa septième saison! As much…


    Spring Grog

    Spring officially arrived on Thursday. However, this is what I saw from my bedroom window when I woke up yesterday. This interminable winter is breaking records…


    Gin Genie

    Back in October, I treated myself to a short trip to Toronto. I wanted to visit a friend who lives there, and I also wanted to…


    Warm, Dark, Italian

    On Saturday, I went to see Splendore a Venezia at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This beautiful exhibition focused on the interrelationships that exist between the…



    Pomegranates are in season, and when I saw the big display at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, I knew I had to take one home. Later,…


    Habs Sundae

    As I was entering Central Station yesterday, I saw several Habs fan heading towards the Bell Center.  You can easily spot people who are going to…


    Mojito Basito

    Montreal nights are cooler now that October has arrived, and I am expecting nocturnal temperatures to drop even more within the next few weeks. This means…


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