Cocktails inspirés de ma vie quotidienne

Frozen Pears

I love to take advantage of a good deal. I am especially excited, when I discover a product or an object that no one desires, and then transform it into something fabulous.

This happened to me at the fruit market this weekend. I found a basket that contained twenty pears. The basket was selling for 1.50$!  I of course, immediately picked it up, not even knowing what I would do with them. When I asked the lady at the cash register why they were so cheap, she responded that they were not perfect.  In other words, they did not look good enough to sell in the regular pear display.  

Perhaps they were not perfect enough for a magazine spread, or a picky buyer, but they were perfect enough for my juicer!

J’adore profiter d’une bonne aubaine.  Je suis d’autant plus excitée lorsque je découvre un objet ou une chose que peu de gens désirent, et que je le transforme par la suite, en quelque chose de fabuleux.

C’est ce qui s’est produit en fin de semaine lorsque j’ai découvert un panier contenant vingt poires à la fruiterie.  Le panier se vendait pour 1.50$! Je l’ai tout de suite pris, sans même réfléchir à ce pour quoi j’utiliserait son contenu. Lorsque j’ai demandé à la caissière pourquoi elles se vendaient pour si peu, elle m’a répondu qu’elles n’étaient pas parfaites.  En d’autres mots, elles n’étaient pas assez jolies pour se joindre aux autres fruits qui gisaient dans le présentoir régulier.

Peut-être n’étaient-elles pas parfaites pour les pages d’un magazine ou pour un acheteur sélectif, mais elles étaient certainement parfaites pour mon extracteur à jus!


Closeup of an unpretty pear


I did not even need to chop my pears into pieces.


Lazy day frozen pear drink

250 ml fresh pear juice

40 ml Bacardi Rum

20 ml Triple Sec

3 thin lime wedges

1 cup of ice cubes

Garnish with a Maraschino cherry


There was a lot of cleaning to do after using both my juicer and my Vitamix, but it was all worth it.  As well, because the pears generated more juice than necessary for my cocktail, it provided me with delicious breakfast juice for two days.

All of this for 1.50$!

Il y avait beaucoup de nettoyage à faire, surtout après avoir utilisé mon extracteur à jus et mon Vitamix, mais ça valait bien la peine.  De plus, puisque mes poires ont générées plus de jus que nécessaire pour faire mon cocktail, j’ai également pu profiter d’un délicieux jus pour deux déjeuners.

Tout cela pour 1.50$!

5 Responses to “Frozen Pears”

  1. lifeisnoyoke

    Oh my goodness. This post is incredible. One gorgeous photo of the end result. A few good ones of the ingredients. And a unique recipe.

    What are your other favorites? Trying to build up unique drinks like this for my wellness blog.

    • fledglingmixologista

      Thanks for the compliment, I am new at blogging, so receiving feedback is great. I don’t have favourites, because I like too many. I visit my local library very often. It has a HUGE cooking section with books from different countries and periods. I also visit the farmer’s market every Saturday, so I get my inspiration from there too. I talk with the producers because they share good tips. As well, I am sure you know as much as I do, that almost any combination of fruits and vegetables that you put into your Vitamix will produce something tasty!

      • lifeisnoyoke

        Hey, I just revisited your blog. I like that you have a story for each post / drink.

        Really liking what you’ve got going on here.

      • fledglingmixologista

        Thanks for revisiting. Yes, I thought it would be more interesting to choose a daily event, and then find a cocktail I can link it to. Better than just trying all the recipes of a book, page after page without inspiration…Will check out your blog this weekend!

      • lifeisnoyoke

        Yes. That’s exactly what I’ve found. A recipe has to come along with a story. At least something to learn other than just a step-by-step how to make. Bravo.

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