Cocktails inspirés de ma vie quotidienne

Dirty Dry Martini

There is a little gourmet shop that I like to visit when I feel like treating myself with special olive products to cook with. They often have interesting promotions and a few weeks ago, I received a can of lemon peel stuffed Manzanilla olives as a bonus with my purchase. This sounded good but because I wasn’t sure what to serve them with, I decided to incorporate them in a cocktail.

Martinis are what come to mind when I think of olives and I already featured them here. However, this made me remember another kind of Martini; the dirty kind.

Il existe une boutique gourmandque j’aime beaucoup visiter lorsque j’ai envie de m’acheter un produit de l’olive pour cuisiner quelque chose de spécial.  On y trouve toujours d’intéressantes promotions et il y a quelques semaines, j’ai reçu un boîte d’olives Mananzilla garnies de zeste de citron.  Cela semblait délicieux mais ne sachant pas trop comment les servir, j’ai décidé de les incorporer tout d’abord dans un cocktail.

Le Martini est le cocktail qui me vient à l’esprit lorsque je pense aux olives mais celui-ci a déjà fait l’objet d’un billet. Toutefois, je me suis souvenue d’un autre type de Martini: le Dirty Martini.




Olives & Olives’ special kind of Manzanilla olives.

I recently acquired a copy of Simon Difford’s Bartender Bible as a present to myself because it was my favourite book to borrow from the public library and I was tired of always having to return it. I knew that Mr. Difford would have a recipe for a Dirty Martini.

Je me suis recemment procuré une copie de Simon Difford’s Bartender Bible  car je l’avait trouvé à la bibliothèque et je commencais à être tannée de toujours devoir le rapporter.  J’étais certaine que Monsieur Difford allait offrir une recette de Dirty Martini.



Other than the fact that this book was written by an expert, here are reasons why I love it:

  • Over 3000 recipes!
  • The cocktail recipes are listed alphabetically.
  • An illustration is provided for each cocktail.
  • The author mentions the origin of the cocktails.

Voici les raisons pour lesquelles j’adore ce livre outre le fait qu’il a été écrit par un expert:

  • Plus de 3000 recettes!
  • Les recettes de cocktails sont organisées alphabétiquement.
  • Chaque cocktail est illustré.
  • L’auteur mentionne l’origine des cocktails.




Inside the book.


Dirty Dry Martini adapted from

The Bartender’s Bible 11th edition by Simon Difford

90 ml gin

10 ml vermouth

10 ml olive brine

Garninsh with Mananzilla olives

This was an extremely easy cocktail to prepare. I simply had to pour the content of the olive can through a sieve colander so to collect the brine.  I used a glass jar to store the rest of the brine and olives.

Ce cocktail à été très facile a exécuter. Je me suis servie d’une petite passoire pour recueillir la saumure.  Évidemment je l’ai transvidée à nouveau dans un bocal afin de bien conserver le reste des olives.


Serving cocktails on a regular basis has contributed to the staining of  several cocktail napkins. I had been looking into buying vintage inspired cocktail napkins for a while now, and I finally found the perfect ones at MinhCraft. I was pretty excited about using them for the first time.

Servir des cocktails fréquemment a contribué à faire défraîchir mes serviettes à cocktails. J’étais à la recherche de serviettes à cocktails d’inspiration retro depuis un certain temps et je les ai enfin trouvées en ligne sur MinhCraft. J’étais très excitée à l’idée d’enfin pouvoir m’en servir.


Hand-made cocktail napkins from MinhCraft.

The Dirty Dry Martini is definitely a cocktail that I will repeat. The brine added a pleasant lemony-olive flavour to it. In fact, I might increase the brine quantity the next time I make it.

Le Dirty Dry Martini est un cocktail que je vais me refaire. La saumure a ajouté une saveur de d’olive et citron intéressante. En fait, je vais probablement augmenter la quantité de saumure la prochaine fois car j’aurais souhaité qu’elle goûte d’avantage. 


2 Responses to “Dirty Dry Martini”

  1. Bruce

    I mentioned Olive & Olives to my gf and was immediately told that we had to go there.

    We did.

    For the foreseeable future I shall be eating splendid olive-containing dishes, but I will also be much poorer. In perpetuity, it seems, because we are going back to the shop tomorrow.

    My fault for mentioning olives to a dirty-martini lover…

    • fledglingmixologista

      I am happy that you and the girlfriend enjoy Olive & Olives as much as I do. I was reluctant the first time I went when the lady recommended that I buy a 25$ bottle of olive oil (a small one!). The fact is, you can taste the quality and well, quality costs money. This means I too go back. Often. And I too, am poorer. Welcome to the club…


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