Cocktails inspirés de ma vie quotidienne


My name is Sandra and I live in Montreal.

I started this blog with the idea to catalogue the various drinks and snacks that I prepare. I enjoy drinking wine and beer, but I have recently decided to initiate myself to the art of mixology.

I enjoy reading recipe books, and I love to recreate both classic and modern cocktails.

My daily activities and current events inspire me to select drinks that remind me of them, because of their colour, flavours, ingredients or name.

Follow me, as I experiment and practice mixing, shaking and tasting various alcoholic beverages.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. CD

    Congratulations … I think this will be a wonderful resource for anyone who needs to mix something different, … something exotic … that will take them to another place!

    I will send you a great recipe for Sangria … especially great for a nice, hot summer night!!

    Cheers and here’s to you!!


    • fledglingmixologista

      Thank you Carlo. Do send me your recipe. I will save it for the summertime and find a special occasion to showcase it. I think that sangria would be perfect for a picnic!

  2. jill kerr

    I love this! It’s amazing. Gorgeous photos & perfect visual style to focus attention on them! I cannot wait to try the cocktails. Thanks so much, fledglingmixologista! And congratulations. Jill

    • fledglingmixologista

      Thank you Jill. I am still playing with my camera, trying new things, so I am happy that you like my photos. I will be sure to visit your blog once it is up and running. Keep me posted!


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